Fotobounce organizes photos based on face recognition
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Fotobounce is an intuitive, easy-to-use desktop application for image cataloging, sharing, and tagging. Running under both Windows and OS X, Fotobounce offers several very useful features, which differentiate it from the multitude of similar programs on the market. The advanced facial recognition feature speeds up a lot the photo tagging process, being handy when cataloging a large amount of pictures.

A special attention was given by the developers to picture sharing. Fotobounce can be connected to accounts from Flickr, Facebook, and AirSet allowing direct uploading from the user's computer. Uploaded photos will keep the original resolution and the tags, so no more manual tagging for each picture! For those with privacy concerns and willing to avoid public online publishing, Fotobounce creates a private sharing network between multiple users. Each member of the network chooses the shared pictures as well as the users allowed to access them, providing total control over their images.

Pictures taken with mobile phones or tablets can be saved directly into the application by sending them via e-mail in the original resolution. Stored galleries can also be browsed using mobile devices. The interface is integrated with the LifePics printing service, where images can be sent for printing directly from the application. Fotobounce can be used as a free application supported by adds. Purchasing it will stop the adds from appearing.

Cristian Ionescu
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  • Good online integration.
  • Excellent privacy features.
  • Facial recognition.


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